Most cited papers

The most cited papers (according to Scopus database):
1. Computer-aided material demand planning using ERP systems and business intelligence technology
2. Numerical prediction of component-ratio-dependent compressive strength of bone cement
3. Impact-based piezoelectric energy harvesting system excited from diesel engine suspension
4. Practical application of fuzzy logic in production control systems of engineer to order SMEs
5. Analysis of the possibility of using markers emitting pulsating light in the task of localization
6. Assessment of the possibility of using bayesian nets and petri nets in the process of selecting additive manufacturing technology in a manufacturing company
7. Order violation in multithreaded applications and its detection in static code analysis process
8. Classification of eeg signal by methods of machine learning
9. Joint effcet of forecasting and lot-sizing method on cost minimization objective of a manufacturer: A case study
10. Architectural paradigm of the interactive interface module in the cloud technology model