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Controlling the contact force between the pantograph and the catenary has come to be a requirement for improving the performances and affectivity of high-speed train systems Indeed, these performances can also significantly be decreased due to the fact of the catenary equal stiffness variation. In addition, the contact force can also additionally differ and ought to end up null, which may additionally purpose the loss of contact. Then, in this paper, we current an active manipulate of the minimize order model of pantograph-catenary system .The proposed manipulate approach implements an optimization technique, like particle swarm (PSO), the usage of a frequent approximation of the catenary equal stiffness. All the synthesis steps of the manipulate law are given and a formal evaluation of the closed loop stability indicates an asymptotic monitoring of a nominal steady contact force. Then, the usage of Genetic Algorithm with Proportional-Integral-derivative (G.A-PID) as proposed controller appeared optimum response where, the contacts force consequences to be virtually equal to its steady reference. Finally it seems the advantageous of suggestion approach in contrast with classical manipulate strategies like, Internal mode control(IMC) method, linear quadratic regulator (LQR).The outcomes via the use of MATLAB simulation, suggests (G.A-PID) offers better transient specifications in contrast with classical manipulate.

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Al-Awad, N. A., Abboud, I. K., & Al-Rawi, M. F. (2021). Genetic Algorithm-PID controller for model order reduction pantographcatenary system. Applied Computer Science, 17(2), 28-39.
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Al-Awad, Nasir A., Izz K. Abboud, and Muaayed F. Al-Rawi. "Genetic Algorithm-Pid Controller for Model Order Reduction Pantographcatenary System." Applied Computer Science 17, no. 2 (2021): 28-39.
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N. A. Al-Awad, I. K. Abboud, and M. F. Al-Rawi, "Genetic Algorithm-PID controller for model order reduction pantographcatenary system," Applied Computer Science, vol. 17, no. 2, pp. 28-39, 2021, doi: 10.23743/acs-2021-11.
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Al-Awad NA, Abboud IK, Al-Rawi MF. Genetic Algorithm-PID controller for model order reduction pantographcatenary system. Applied Computer Science. 2021;17(2):28-39.