ACS Applied Computer Science

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This article presents a solution to deal with the optimization of delivery routes problem for a mobile application focused on the restaurant sector, by using a bioinspired algorithm (PSO) to minimize delivery costs, maximize a greater number of deliveries and recommend an optional route for food delivery. Different computational experiments are carried out by using Google Maps (API) for showing the best delivery route. The results obtained are very promising for offering a good delivery service.

  • APA 6th style
Soto, S., Bonilla, E., Portilla, A., Hernández, J. C., Atriano, O., & Quintero, P.M. (2020). Food delivery based on PSO algorithm and Google maps. Applied Computer Science, 16(1), 60-72. doi:10.23743/acs-2020-05
  • Chicago style
Soto, Sergio, Edmundo Bonilla, Alberto Portilla, Jose C. Hernández, Oscar Atriano, and Perfecto M. Quintero. "Food Delivery Based on Pso Algorithm and Google Maps." Applied Computer Science 16, no. 1 (2020): 60-72.
  • IEEE style
S. Soto, E. Bonilla, A. Portilla, J. C. Hernández, O. Atriano, and P. M. Quintero, "Food delivery based on PSO algorithm and Google maps," Applied Computer Science, vol. 16, no. 1, pp. 60-72, 2020, doi: 10.23743/acs-2020-05.
  • Vancouver style
Soto S, Bonilla E, Portilla A, Hernández JC, Atriano O, Quintero PM. Food delivery based on PSO algorithm and Google maps. Applied Computer Science. 2020;16(1):60-72.