ACS Applied Computer Science

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The fade-out sound effect designates a strict decreasing of the volume of an audio signal, starting from the detected initial level down to silence. Audio fade-outs are usually processed in off-line mode that is within audio editors, by employing different transcendental functions to set the time-related evolution of the audio level. However, the proliferation of mobile devices as well as the increasing popularity of web applications, implemented in HTML5/JavaScript, press for computing techniques suitable for real-time processing. In this context, having in view that the computation of the outputs of transcendental functions is very time-consuming, in order to construct the audio fade-out profile, a technique suitable for real-time computing is developed in the present investigation. The suggested technique is validated by means of an implementation in pure JavaScript, put forward with the purpose of immediate testing.
  • APA 6th style
Lupşa-Tătaru, L. (2018). Novel technique of customizing the audio fade-out shape. Applied Computer Science, 14(3), 5-14. doi:10.23743/acs-2018-17
  • Chicago style
Lupşa-Tătaru, Lucian. "Novel Technique of Customizing the Audio Fade-out Shape." Applied Computer Science 14, no. 3 (2018): 5-14.
  • IEEE style
Lupşa-Tătaru, "Novel technique of customizing the audio fade-out shape," Applied Computer Science, vol. 14, no. 3, pp. 5-14, 2018.
  • Vancouver style
Lupşa-Tătaru L. Novel technique of customizing the audio fade-out shape. Applied Computer Science. 2018;14(3):5-14.